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Sales experience meets German Engineering


of all employees
are truly engaged physically
and emotionally whilst at work.

*Source: Gallup Engagement-Index Germany

We develop your individual, tailor-made change program.

In doing so, we combine the tried and tested from the analogue world with the best from the digital world.

By doing so, we develop the skills of people and organizations to meet the needs of your future.

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In order to sustainably advance people and organizations, selective improvements are often not sufficient. We develop integrated and bespoke solutions with you, to achieve your organisation's goals.

Clear Goals

Real change starts with a crystal-clear goal. Together with you, we develop your personal idea of where you want to go - whether it is for an individual employee or to the whole organization.

Long-term plan

Sustainable transformation does not happen overnight. A tangible development plan helps to keep you on track and is a sure fire way to manifest success.

Effective change

New challenges demand employees that are willing to adapt and grow. Our excellent programs impart knowledge, whilst also transforming that knowledge into practical application.

Lasting effect

It is not so easy to implement everything you have set out to do - transferring skills into everyday working life is therefore a prerequisite for ensuring long-term success.

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Customer feedback

  • As a service provider, I have to convince every day in order to turn leads into real customers - especially in my industry with a high density of competitors. Personally, "Sell it!" helped me a lot to optimize the strategy and approach during acquisition and at the negotiating table. With measurable results and (which is even more important) with much more pleasure in selling. The exgenio program is well structured, delivers a lot of expertise and motivates in an entertaining way. Even seasoned sales managers will benefit from the practical online course.
    Felix M. Feuerstein - CEO
    sci-med-marketing GmbH
  • The exgenio programs have everything I expect from a modern online program! I can easily access them from all devices, it is easy to use, I can track my learning progress and immediately check it in the quiz tasks. And best of all, it's fun!
  • As a startup we do not have the time for extensive classroom training. In addition, we want to invest our budget in product development and not in expensive training. But of course, we need first-class sales knowledge to get our business model up and running. Exgenio understood this and gave us an efficient opportunity to learn a lot more helpful tricks.