We achieve both in people and companies – with our experience from 25 years in the digital world and 35 years in tangible personality development.

exgenio – "Driven by Ability!"
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Digital Trainings

Digital Trainings are professional development programs that take place online.

Not only does this allow you to set your own learning pace, it also gives you control over when and where you want to train. Interesting videos, exciting tasks and challenging heroic tasks help you to anchor what you have learned in your everyday work.

Excellence Programs

The Excellence Programs combine effective Digital Training with classic live trainings.

During the online phases, participants can view and edit content in their own pace and as often as they like. During the live training sessions, all participants can then concentrate on practicing the newly acquired abilities.



The age of digitalization has already progressed so far that networking, agility and win-win have become part of everyday life. However, new opportunities for people and companies must be seized – this requires a clear attitude, sound knowledge and excellent abilities.

And this is precisely where the competence topics of our top practice experts come in:


In times of change, companies are faced with countless challenges, especially their managers. Excellent and new abilities of executives are expected.

Whether successful communication, relaxed self-management or motivating team lead –leadership competence can be learned!

Team Development

Sometimes employees find it difficult to turn their common organizational vision into reality. Many managers give up too quickly in these cases – they lean back and refer to the lack of insight or the missing willpower of their colleagues ("They just don't want to ...").

Cooperation, team rules, moderation, meetings – teams are so much more than the sum of their parts!


Decades of experience in sales and effective methods from behavioral psychology are condensed into efficient training.

Systems, practical tricks and psychological models are all implemented in the three major phases of contact, conviction and negotiation.
Simply more sales success!


Communication is probably the most important link between people. How this communication looks like and whether it succeeds depends on everyone involved.

In order to understand and prevent communication disturbances, disputes and conflicts, it is essential to deal with communication processes. Cicero already knew “You only learn to talk by talking!”

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At exgenio coaches with decades of experience meet pioneers of the internet. Our programs reflect our passion for developing true personalities, our enthusiasm for the digital world and our knowledge of the gaming industry. Our products develop solutions for your daily work, because only what is effective in terms of real people, products, topics and customers is really effective.

Special and individual

We do not offer "off-the-shelf" training programs, but work out our concepts specifically for the starting situation, requirements and goals of our customers.

Playfully to Success

We transfer game elements and principles from game design into our online learning worlds and thus ensure emotional attachment and identification with the content. This bans the compulsory character and makes learning a "Wanna-do".

Real Ability

50% of the training content deals with knowledge transfer, but 50% with transforming this knowledge into abilities. Because only what becomes a new habit can endure stress and pressure.

Strong Character

Experienced creators present the content with tangible examples. They convince with emotions that attracts attention. Our students become real fans.


  • "The perfect training for the digital generation!"
    The exgenio programs have everything I expect from a modern online program. I can easily access them from all devices, it is easy to use, I can track my learning progress and immediately check it in the quiz tasks. And best of all, it's fun!
  • "exgenios digital training has given me a good structure for my working routine with many practical tasks and templates – and I was also able to grow a lot as a person"
    exgenios digital leadership training for executives has really helped me to get things to another level. The content is not just about professional knowledge, but also about personal skills – I really liked the SWOT about my own weaknesses and strengths, for example. Thanks to the various practical tasks and templates, I was able to integrate many things into my everyday working life.
    Sonja Tappe - Project Lead Assortment Conversions
    German retail chain
  • "The connection between the online platform and personal trainings is especially great"
    I think the connection between the online platform and face-to-face training particularly successful in exgenios management development program. In the preparation phase, you can spend enough time at your own pace on the content - with appealing videos, practical examples and clever tasks for self-monitoring. I myself was able to take so many questions from my everyday working life with me into the presence trainings, where they were intensively worked on and answered. A really great and effective concept!
  • Practical, directly implementable sales know-how. A real added value!
    As a service provider, I have to convince every day in order to turn leads into real customers - especially in my industry with a high density of competitors. Personally, "Sell it!" helped me a lot to optimize the strategy and approach during acquisition and at the negotiating table. With measurable results and (which is even more important) with much more pleasure in selling. The exgenio program is well structured, delivers a lot of expertise and motivates in an entertaining way. Even seasoned sales managers will benefit from the practical online course.
    Felix M. Feuerstein - CEO
    sci-med-marketing GmbH
  • Effort low, costs low - output high. This is what modern learning looks like!
    As a startup we do not have the time for extensive classroom training. In addition, we want to invest our budget in product development and not in expensive training. But of course, we need first-class sales knowledge to get our business model up and running. Exgenio understood this and gave us an efficient opportunity to learn a lot more helpful tricks.