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Increase your business success – with...

Sell it! -
In a nutshell

Decades of experience in Sales combined with effective strategies from the behavioral psychology put together in an excellent Online-training.
  • Get in an excellent touch with your costumer for closing deals

  • Learn to convince - each customer individually

  • Train to negotiate to get the best results for both sides

  • Take your sales materials to the next level - to suit every situation

  • Evolve yourself from a sales partner to a true solution partner

  • Be prepared and parry the secret tricks of customers

  • Find out how your counterpart thinks and decides

  • Recognize your personal strengths in sales and use them optimally

  • Present your uniqueness to the customer and make the difference

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Designed for

Business Champion

If you want to take your skills to the next level, Sell It! your tool for success.

Career-Changers and Newcomers

Whatever drove you to sales - Sell it! offers you the optimal basis to master the entry successfully.

Sales executives

You want to achieve real impact with your team.

Human Ressource development

New skills of employees pay off - in the truest sense of the word.

Our commitment
to Quality


Practical exercises enable you to learn how to efficiently implement your theoretical know-how to your everyday business. All solutions are concrete useful und practicable.


Several hours footage of elaborately produced learning videos will help you understand all content real quick. High-quality learning dossiers help you intensify all exercises.


Benefit from state-of-the-art didactic methods. Check your own progress through regular Quizzes.


Over a period of 6-8 months you learn independently and according to your needs. And that with only take up to 1-2 hours effort per week.


3 years access to the portal enable you to consume all content anytime and whenever you need it.
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Jan Exner

Sales Professional - Psychologist - Practitioner

For more than 25 years he has worked worldwide as a trainer, coach and consultant. It is his mission to give coaches the opportunity to make their knowledge and skills accessible to even more people and thus to disseminate the best possible knowledge, so that they can be effectively successful.
"You are the difference that makes the difference."

Years of sales experience






Trained Sales Managers


"Sell it!" is divided into five chapters, with a total of over 70 learning units that are optimally designed to adapt the class content as a real skill.

Develop the attitude that makes success possible

The chapter on attitude creates the base for a successful learning. With which markings do you start the class? How can you make sure you take the time to actually complete the class? Which criteria are important for you for the success check?

  • Develop the right attitude and recognize where to start your journey
  • Familiarize yourself with Jan and the platform in the manual

The contact decides success

In phase 1 of the sales process, excellent contact is the crucial basis and the basic rule is: first contact, then inform! At the beginning of the conversation, excellent contact is fundamental - the better the contact at the beginning, the easier it will be to convince and negotiate.

  • Use the three roads to the customer model to rethink: how is my counterpart ticking - how am I ticking?
  • Learn the universally applicable technique pacing, with which you can establish an excellent contact in a few minutes
  • Develop your own elevator pitch and impress for the duration of an elevator ride

People do not buy what they need - they buy what they want!

In the Contact section, you'll learn how to convince your customers to buy your product and get excited about it, as you can provide a real solution to their problems.

  • Get to know the motives of your customers - instead of making assumptions
  • Develop convincing lines - from the problem, through the pain caused, to the cure
  • Create your unique selling point, your USP and showcase your uniqueness with the customer
  • Use metaprograms - you will not find out what people think, but how they think.

The Essence of Negotiating

In the chapter Negotiation you will learn the most important techniques to make the result of the negotiation a success for both sides. After this chapter, nothing bothers you so easily!

  • Immunize yourself against emotional attacks and come to rest quickly after a stressful negotiation
  • Learn to handle objections and even use them for your own advantage
  • The interview guide is your map in the jungle of sales promotions. It gives you a common thread and helps you to have all the important information.
  • Learn how to turn every pitch into a win-win situation for you and your clients

Work for a sustainable success

Repetition is a success factor in learning to store the information in your long-term memory:

  • Use the fast repetition - the Fast Run to refresh your knowledge in between an before appointments.
  • In the Final, reflect on what you have learned n celebrate your success
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