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Why our Excellence Programs

It's the mix that counts! In our Combined Learning Excellence programs, we mix the proven methods from the analogue world with the best from the digital world: During the online phases, participants can view and edit the content at their own pace as often as they like - differing levels of prior knowledge is simply adapted. During the intensive training sessions, everyone can concentrate fully on practicing their newly acquired skills. The tutor guides you with individual advice, feedback and practical tips. This ensures that your employees' time is used optimally.

That's why our
Excellence Programs are special

"We combine for you the tried and tested from the analogue world with the best from the digital world."

We offer excellence programs on the following topics

Your degrees of freedom

Individually configured according to your needs

  • Content90%
  • Intensity30%
  • Online amount55%
Every company has special characteristics and requirements and therefore deserves a specially tailored program.

You decide what suits your organization and your employees best.
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The content is entirely based on your needs. Together with you, we discuss the desired results and the required skills of your employees and then develop a solution for you.

Performance modules

We have developed a number of performance modules to further enhance the outcome of your course. This includes, for example, a manager's handbook or a personal tutor.

Online content

Depending on how many topics are to be covered by intensive training and how important personal contact is to you, we can adjust the amount of online content as well as the amount of classroom training.

Program density

Depending on your time constraints, we will jointly determine the intensity of the programme. Depending on the content, we recommend a time horizon that you can accelerate or decelerate.

Our learning environment

With our knowledge from the gaming industry, we have developed a learning platform that consistently applies the principles of gamification. Learning in a playful way and having fun with it, ensure lasting success.

Always the right media

  • Crash courses

    To further enhance the learning experience, participants can take part in supplementary crash courses. The trainer accompanies you through individual advice, Feedback and practical tips. The students also receive case studies and should develop, present and discuss solution scenarios.
  • Videos for excellent learning

    People learn best while being emotionally addressed. Videos produced in high-quality and authentically presented by our trainers always keep the learning experience exciting.
    These videos are a pleasure to watch a second time!
  • Podcasts for hearing when you’re out and about

    Mobility plays a central role for companies and their employees. It is not always possible to access a terminal with a screen - for these cases we also provide the course content as a Podcast.
  • Challenge yourself with a quiz

    People learn through repetition and application of what they have learned. Using quizzes, you can test whether you have understood the most important content - or whether you should repeat the lesson.
  • Tasks in a save environment

    Knowledge can be built up through hearing, seeing and repeating - but real capability only comes about through application of what has been learned. With practice-oriented tasks you are optimally prepared for the later application in everyday life.
  • Hero’s Mission to integrate content to every day life

    In order for newly learned skills to really become habits, they must also be applied in daily working life. With our hero tasks you have the optimal possibility to make this transfer sustainable.
  • Cheat Sheets – the most important at a glance

    The most important content of a topic briefly and concisely summarized. In this way you get a quick overview and can easily look up individual information.


The digital transformation also provides more teaching methods. Flipped Classroom is a modern didactic model in which the learning continent is made available and communicated to the participants ahead of the intensive training. This frees up the time together for practice and application. Thus knowledge is optimally transformed into real ability and used confidently in everyday working life. The transition into the networked world has made it easy even for beginners, plus it optimally uses the participants' time. Enough reasons for us to use this method more and more!

  • Online course + optional practical intensive training

  • Flexible acquisition of basic knowledge

  • Designing employees' time for maximum profit

  • Promoting self-directed learning

  • Personal exchange among the participants

  • Minimal daily business failure

Performance modules

In order to further enhance the effect of your course, we have developed the following performance modules.
You can add them separately to each of your courses as amplifiers.

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