Digital transformation is the future of the education industry – for companies highly efficient, targeted and individual. In the blended learning concept, the knowledge of our best trainers is absorbed and internalized within a future-proof, digital reach, and then processed and clarified for your employees through personal feedback, assistance and in-depth know-how in live training sessions.

How the
Excellence Programs work

Our Excellence Programs are divided into an Online Phase in which participants acquire, expand and internalize content at their own pace, intensity and sequencing. Here, different levels of knowledge from teams and departments can be aligned and enriched with valuable expert knowledge.

knowledge is practiced and broken down within a protected framework under the guidance of our experienced specialist trainers. This is where it gets personal: individual advice, feedback and practical tips will help your employees!

Example of a Sales Excellence Program:

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From experienced (company-)experts
for companies that want more

With our Excellence Programs we master your challenges step by step:


The age of digitalization has already progressed so far that networking, agility and win-win have become part of everyday life. However, new opportunities for people and companies must be seized – this requires a clear attitude, sound knowledge and excellent abilities.

And this is precisely where the competence topics of our top practice experts come in:


In the time of change companies are faced with countless challenges, especially their managers. Excellent and new abilities of executives are expected.

Whether successful communication, relaxed self-management or motivating employee leadership - leadership competence can be learned!

Team Development

Sometimes employees find it difficult to turn their common organizational vision into reality. Many managers give up too quickly in these cases - they lean back and refer to the lack of insight or the will of their colleagues ("They just don't want to ...").

Cooperation, team rules, moderation, meetings - Teams are so much more than the sum of their parts!


Decades of experience in sales and effective methods from behavioural psychology are condensed into efficient trainings.

Systems, practical tricks and psychological models are all implemented in the three major phases of contact, persuasion and negotiation.

Simply more sales success!


Communication is probably the most important link between people. How this communication looks like exactly and whether it succeeds, however, depends on everyone involved.

In order to understand and prevent communication disturbances, disputes and conflicts and to prevent them, it is essential to deal with communication processes. Cicero already knew: "You only learn to talk by talking!

with exgenio

Our learning model is designed to produce real ability.

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