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Futurologists assume that education will become a consumer good in 2030. With new technologies and it becoming available, it will not be a question of money, but of commitment to develop it. This may sounds daunting at first, but for us it means staying curious, actively shaping our own environment, closing knowledge gaps in a playful way and of course having fun with it!

That makes our
Online-Trainings special

"For you, we combine the tried and tested from the analogue world with the best from the digital world."

Our learning Environment

With our knowledge from the gaming industry, we have developed a learning platform that consistently applies the principles of gamification. Learning in a playful way and having fun with it ensure lasting success.
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Always the right media

  • Videos for excellent learning

    People learn best while being emotionally addressed. Videos produced in high-quality and authentically presented by our trainers always keep the learning experience exciting.
    These videos are a pleasure to watch a second time!
  • Podcasts for hearing when you’re out and about

    Mobility plays a central role for companies and their employees. It is not always possible to access a terminal with a screen - for these cases we also provide the course content as a Podcast.
  • Challenge yourself with a quiz

    People learn through repetition and application of what they have learned. Using quizzes, you can test whether you have understood the most important content - or whether you should repeat the lesson.
  • Tasks in a save environment

    Knowledge can be built up through hearing, seeing and repeating - but real capability only comes about through application of what has been learned. With practice-oriented tasks you are optimally prepared for the later application in everyday life.
  • Hero’s Mission to integrate content to every day life

    In order for newly learned skills to really become habits, they must also be applied in daily working life. With our hero tasks you have the optimal possibility to make this transfer sustainable.
  • Cheat Sheets – the most important at a glance

    The most important content of a topic briefly and concisely summarized. In this way you get a quick overview and can easily look up individual information.
  • Fast Run – the course in a nutshell

    Whether for regular refreshing of the content, for a meaningful pastime on the next car journey or before the next important appointment - get back to your memory with the Fastrun.


Studies prove it:

Top companies make enormous investments in training and development of their employees - on average just under 6% of personnel costs.
9 out of 10 employees are online, around 80% own mobile devices. In 2025 every employee will be connected to the internet.
Training is one of the most important factors contributing not only to competence and performance, but also to employee satisfaction and loyalty.
People under 30 spend an average of 185 minutes a day on the mobile Internet. Millennials prefer to learn online and via mobile devices.
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10 advantages of online trainings

Any Internet-enabled device can access online services. Employees can improve knowledge, skills and business acumen anytime, anywhere.
Versatility and customization
Training content can be customized in many ways. Gamification, videos, articles, FAQs, case studies, forums and presentations are just some of the learning elements and content types we can use to better engage employees and respond wisely to current situations and needs.
In contrast to conventional training courses, where the size of the venue and the number of trainers limit the number of learners, online training courses can scale indefinitely. All employees can participate in the content.
You can integrate assessments and key performance indicators into your learning infrastructure. This enables appropriate monitoring, assessment and guidance of learners. Of course, all settings are compliant with the german Data Protection Act.
Improved effectiveness
Online you can learn when and where you want. Thus no one has to take their entire management or sales team out of their day-to-day business for two complete days; learning takes place again and again in small units.
Stronger employee retention
Employees regard further training as an important advantage. An organization that is known for providing world-class training attracts proactive and ambitious jobseekers.
Web-based technologies enable learners to perform exercises, play games, participate in quizzes, and answer questions.
Different types of learners can be addressed simultaneously online.
No matter whether your employees learn better auditory, visual or kinesthetic, you can take any type of learner with you online.
Reduced costs
Online learning drastically reduces the cost of training.
Especially when traditional practices such as on-site workshops, which require travel, reservation and accommodation costs, are replaced.
The learning content and materials are the same for all participants, and any changes are made at the same time.
Nevertheless, employees can learn at the pace they need.

Performance modules

In order to further enhance the effects of your courses, we have developed several performance modules.
You can add them individually to any of your courses.

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